Media Savvy Mamas: A Well in the Village

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Hey Mamas! I know who you are. I know, because I am one of you.

When it comes to internet safety, we are often surrounded by helpful information, but unsure where to start. In addition, when our children run into problems online--which is inevitable--we feel even more frustrated.

As a result, we are in a constant cycle of feeling overwhelmed, trying, and failing. We also feel alienated, because we have convinced ourselves that other parents must know what they are doing in the digital arena, while we do not. We wonder …

Am I the only mom struggling with digital parenting issues?

Why aren’t the ideas in these articles working for my family?

Will I ever figure out all these apps/devices/filters, etc.?

A Well in the Village

Psychologists theorize that in ancient times the men went hunting while the women gathered at the village well. However, The Well wasn’t just a place to draw water. It was also a place to socialize and discuss the details of life: housework, cooking, child-rearing, and other responsibilities.

This process of socialization, discussion, and problem-solving among women became foundational to families and crucial to the survival of the village.

Many believe these ancient roots still dwell within the human psyche. As a result, when a woman has a problem, she craves community support, a safe place, and open discussion--just like she had at The Well.

In modern times, we hear reference to The Village when people say, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Indeed, parenting has spurred communities--and especially mothers--to come together and form present-day “wells.”

In the physical world, playgroups come to mind. When my children were little, it felt natural to gather with other mothers at the playground to discuss diapering, feeding, and trips to the pediatrician.

But now that our children have grown and our issues revolve around smartphones, video games, and online filters … where can we go for regular peer support, open discussions, and personal interactions?     

Come to the Well

Media Savvy Mamas is a gathering place. Sure, we have a blog. We have social media outlets, and a website and all that jazz. But our real power comes from YOU--the Mamas.

In the spirit of The Well, we have created and launched our online forum--a place for moms to come and discuss the online issues we are having with our families.

This is not a library. It's not a place to sit quietly and read the opinions of experts. Heaven knows there are enough resource lists out there! I'm not knocking databases. We're building up our resource list too.

This time it's different, though. On the forum, we want to hear what YOU have to say.

What is happening at YOUR house?

What’s going on with YOUR kids and their devices?

What parental controls have YOU tried?

What do YOU think about options for internet filters?

Come ask questions. See what other moms have to say.

We will post helpful articles, links, and other tools--but the idea is to have active, honest discussions around them--from real moms like you. 

Finding the Answers

Truthfully, there might not be one right answer to every question for every family. Isn't it that way with all parenting, though? Not just digital parenting! 

I don't know about you ... but even my own kids are different from each other. And what works for one might not work for the other. Not to mention different families. That's why a forum like this will work. 

Alone, we might not have all the answers. But together, we can brainstorm, talk, laugh, support each other, and find a method in the madness. That's the point. Sometimes it's about the journey.

This is our time.

Together we can make a difference.

Join us inside the forum.