Melody Bergman

Founder of Media Savvy Mamas

Melody Harrison Bergman, aka Mama Crossroads, is a mother and step-mom of three awesome boys, a member of the Prevention Task force for the National Center on Sexual Exploitation and head of the Digital Safety Committee for her local PTA. She holds a bachelor's degree in communications and has been writing and editing since 2002. Her mission is to motivate leaders and community members to educate and protect children and families.

Melody is on the board for Power of Moms and Shoes Against Child Trafficking and has worked closely with several allies in the parenting and Porn Harms realms including Educate and Empower Kids, Protect Young Minds, Big Ocean Women, Hope & Healing Forum, Healing Through Christ, Fight the New Drug-Charlottesville, and the Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation. Her experiences as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and former spouse of a sex addict bring unique perspective to the fight against pornography and sexual exploitation.

Although Melody's struggle with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome has caused her to withdraw from the workforce, she is embracing the opportunity to serve elsewhere, including her son's Boy Scout troop,  the PTA, and Media Savvy Mamas.

In her spare time, Melody loves spending time with her kids, reading and playing the piano.