We live in a tech-saturated world, and let's be honest--we are just figuring things out as we go. Sometimes digital parenting can be lonely and frustrating. But you are not alone.

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Mama Wozzy: screen time vs. sanity

I'm a mom of 5 awesome kids and wife to 1 hard working husband. I find it hard to keep up with all the demands of mom life without using some form of digital media to keep my kids busy while I get things done. I have 4 year old special needs twins who just want me to hold them while I'm cooking dinner or helping my older kids with homework. The evenings are the hardest time for me and I'm guilty of using screen time as a babysitter for them. I know I need to create more limitations on electronics for all my children on their usage to protect them. But I need the limitations to not add to my already full plate. I'd love advice or resources on how to limit my children on their screen time in a way that does not require a lot of monitoring or reminding them on my part. Looking forward to being part of this community! 

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Dawn: Even the Pros Need Moral Support!

I’m mom of three, ages 4-newborn. I also direct the National Center on Sexual Exploitation. Even with my day job, I can’t keep up with these and feel so overwhelmed about trying to keep my kids safe. Looking for support and help from other mamas!




A.W.: Lessons from a “Kid-Friendly” APP

I’d like to think I keep my kids digitally safe. We talk about internet safety and stranger danger all. the. time. I have all their passwords to their devices. We have plenty of boundaries and open communication. So imagine my surprise when I was perusing one of my son’s apps and found a fake account under another name … and then discovered he had been chatting with a stranger for several weeks … and then I saw his birthday flash across the screen! After loads of classic predatory behavior on the other person’s part. I was stunned. How had my kiddo fallen into the trap, even after all our talks and rules and safeguards and … Personal information?! His birthday? Really?

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C.M.: Victory on Aisle 3!

We’ve flipped to a new year. Calendars are everywhere. And if we’re not careful, they can pop up in the most unexpected places—as my youngest son found out. Recently, we were at the store walking through the school supplies when suddenly my Littlest put his hand over his eyes, turned abruptly and said, "There's a bad picture in this section." Right at his eye level there was a rack full of calendars and there, exposed in all her glory, was a model wearing a sultry expression and barely enough fabric to be considered "swimwear." I praised my son for his alertness and told him he was right! That was a bad picture! However, as we walked along, I struggled with the situation and started chatting with my boys about it. What would you do?

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Julie & Shasta: I Didn’t Know

I didn't know that pornography is influencing the way teens think about sex and intimacy to the extent that it is changing society's culture. It is teaching males to be violent, demanding and entitled to anything they want at any time. It is teaching females to be submissive and risky, to allow abuse, and that they are valued only as a commodity. How do we combat this when all forms of media are sucked into the same idea/culture? It all starts in the home! We must protect our homes from allowing this content in. We must have hard conversations with our kids about the dangers of pornography and healthy intimacy. We must discuss and model what healthy relationships look like. We must engage in the fight for happy, healthy relationships for everyone!

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