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Digital Parenting Q&A

Educate and Empower Kids has a running Q&A section where parents can submit queries about anything from body image to sexting and everything in between. Browse the page and read questions that have already been answered, or submit a question yourself. 

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Home Internet Safety Quiz

Protect Young Eyes has created a simple, 10-question quiz to help assess exposures to internet risk in your home. Do you have 30 seconds? Then you have enough time to take this quiz. Don’t worry–if you find exposures, they’ve included links to places that can help. Remember, there’s no such thing as an internet safe home. But, do you have a home that’s internet safer than others? Take the quiz and find out!

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Quick Tips from Parents Who Fight

As parents, we need tips on tech to keep our families safe online! We’re busy with life, but we must get up to speed on devices and apps in order to be equipped for the battle and have healthy boundaries for our family.  We want our kids to look to us as the experts in guiding their life into healthy adulthood. It’s hard work, but worth it! Includes a list of FREE tips you can incorporate in 15 minutes to protect kids online.


Digital Citizenship Utah

DigCitUtah is a database created by EPIK Deliberate Digital, a nonprofit focused on facilitating conversation and collaboration around the opportunities and challenges of raising children in a digital world. In particular, this website was created to support school community councils, educators, administrators, and parents in their digital citizenship education efforts, and to expand the conversation around what it means for youth and adults to be good digital citizens.